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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easy Natural Perfume Recipes;

They are so very easy to make at home and you will save a fortune!

Soapconscious is now stocking the ingredients for making real natural Perfume.
Aromatic & Exotic. This is just about as EXOTIC as it gets!!!
It smells authentic...like real flowers after a rainy day... not like a synthetic perfume at all
These natural tropical fragrances are complex, beautiful, wearable, and very emotive. These scents take you on an inner journey and evoke pleasant dreams, day dreams and night dreams. They are the ultimate celebration of summer and all it has to offer! So enjoy the warmth & sunshine like going on Tropical Holidays!

Never use the essential oils pure directly on the skin, not only it can be dangerous but because the essential oils are so volatile , the fragrance will evaporate very quickly. They need to be mixed and fixed with a carrier oil or alcohol for the fragrance to stay longer.
Easy Natural Perfume Making.
Start by blending just one or two to up to three oils. Your scent should contain a top and middle note, or a top, middle or base note.
In simple blends they may be just single oils.
A well constructed blend will smell like one fragrance. In a balanced blend you should not be able to distinguish its different parts. It may be soft and floral, woody, spicy or fruity.
Scents change and develop as they age, revealing the top, middle, and bottom notes respectively over time. It should not change from one scent to another to another during this time. 

Top Note:
  • Citrus: Derived from ingredients such as lemon, bergamot and orange. They are lighter and refreshing and most always considered top notes. They are volatile and not very long lasting.
  • Herbaceous: These are crisp, leafy, greens scents. They are fresh, clean and natural smelling. They are very diffusive and make good top notes.
Middle notes
  • Fruity: Most often these are notes based on comforting flavors. They are perceived as being fresh, natural, clean and crisp. They tend to be strong and good for covering strong base odors.
  • Floral: Floral notes tend to be the most varied and are the most popular for women’s fragrances. They can be familiar, gentle, and clean. There are several sub-types and they powerful smell. They can be used in very small amounts in blends or worn alone.
Bottom notes:
  • Oriental: Oriental notes are loosely described as being ingredients originally sourced from the Far East. Examples include Sandalwood, Vanilla and Frankincense. They are long lasting.  
Types of Perfume
Perfume alcohol
The difference between a perfume, cologne and splash is the ratio of water and alcohol to the fragrance. It has become virtually impossible to acquire pure grain alcohol for making perfumes. As a substitute for alcohol try to buy the strongest strength Vodka that you can find.
Do not ever substitute the alcohol with the pharmacy variety called isopropyl alcohol.
Fragrance Type % oil % alcohol % water
Perfume 10 – 20 90 – 95 5 – 10
Eau de perfume 3 – 10 80 – 90 10 – 20
Eau de toilette 2 – 4 80 – 90 10 – 20
Eau de cologne 1 – 3 70 30
Cologne splash 1 – 2 80 20
Solid Perfume
Solid perfumes are also pleasant to use and easy to make. A basic formula would use 80% of your favorite light oil, 15-20% beeswax and 1-3% of your fragrance.
Melt wax with oil, let cool, add fragrance, blend well and pour into container. Lip balm containers make excellent containers for this.
If your results are too hard, add more oil or less beeswax; to soft, add less oil or more beeswax; too strong, add less fragrance. As always I offer suggestions and a place to start.  
Perfume Oil
Add 1-3% of essential oil to your favourite light oil. I suggest adding 1% Vitamin E oil as an anti-oxidant.  Essential oils are blended and diluted with carrier oils for safe use. Common carrier oils include sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil and grapeseed oil.
We have supplied a few formulas for you to get some ideas where you can start.
1ml = 20drops
Sensual Nights Perfume Oil
  • Sandalwood essential oil 5 drops
  • Sweet Osmanthus essential oil 10 drops
  • Vanilla Infused Oil 25ml
Velvet Nights Perfume Oil
  • Jasmine essential oil 8 drops
  • Frangipani essential oil 8 drops
  • Vanilla Infused Oil 25ml
Rose Seduction Perfume Oil
  • Red Rose essential oil 8 drops
  • White Rose essential oil 8 drops
  • Vanilla Infused Oil 25ml
Sultry Nights Perfume
  • Sakura essential oil 10 drops
  • Red Rose essential oil 6 drops
  • Perfumer alcohol 25ml
  • Distilled water or Rose Floral water 5-10ml
Blue Velvet Perfume
  • Rice Flower essential oil 16 drops
  • Perfumer alcohol 25ml
  • Distilled water 5-10ml
Hot Nights Solid perfume
  • White Champaka essential oil 16-20 drops
  • Vanilla Infused Oil 25ml
  • Beeswax 5 grs
Essential oils are very concentrated and therefore should be used sparingly and they are never use pure on the skin and they oils can be dangerous if applied directly to the skin, never wipe pure oil over the face or over large areas of skin.

Essential oils are therapeutic grade, pure, distilled from natural plant. -Premium quality oil with best price in normal & online market. We never stop searching the best oils from many small distilleries and small family productions. Some of the essential oils are very rare and are made in very limited production and will not be available all the time.

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